The 2021 Australian Entomological Society Conference

6 - 9 December 2021


Program 2021

2021 Australian Entomological Society 52nd AGM and Scientific Conference, in association with the Society of Australian Systematic Biologists and The International Union for the Study of Social Insects

Monday 6 – Thursday 9 December 2021


Program Summary

From Monday 6 December to Thursday 9 December, there will be two consecutive plenary lectures in the morning, followed by two afternoon sessions. During the afternoon sessions, there will be three to four concurrent symposia in virtual rooms.

Each afternoon session will feature around five talks of twelve minutes with three minutes question time, and  a fifteen-minute panel discussion that includes all speakers. Delegates will be able to move between the virtual rooms, and ask questions via the chat function.

On Thursday, the last afternoon session will include the presentations by the Phil Carne finalists, and the announcement of prizes and awards – only in room 1.

Symposium General Schedule


Detailed Schedule (link below)

AES Detailed Program (PDF)


Information for Annual General Meetings

The scheduled times for each respective AGM is listed below. Emails with zoom links have already been sent out, if you have not received a link please contact the secretary:

Australian Entomological Society

Tuesday 7/12 5pm Australian Central Daylight Time

The International Union for the Study of Social Insects

Wednesday  8/12  5:30 pm Australian Central Daylight Time

Society of Australian Systematic Biologists

Friday  10/12 11:30 am Australian Central Daylight Time