The 2010 Australian Entomological Society Conference

26 - 30 September 2010

The Vines Resort, Swan Valley, Western Australia

2010 NIPI Symposium

NIPI Symposium – AES September 2010

IPM in grain production landscapes – science, implementation and impact

Speaker Title
Ary Hoffman IPM in Southern grains systems and why they are different
Nancy Schellhorn et al Pest suppressive landscapes: understanding habitat function
Darryl Hardie et al Demonstrating the value of IPM in Australian grains
Greg Baker, Mike Furlong Future Prospects for IPM for Diamondback Moth in Canola
Paul Umina Development of insecticide resistance in key pests: a driver for IPM adoption?
Matt Hill Pest invertebrates of grain farms: how climate change will influence IPM
Sarina Macfadyen et al Movement of predators and parasitoids between farm habitats – implications for IPM
Peter Mangano et al PestFax/PestFacts interactive newsletters – raising IPM awareness
Kate Charleston, Melina Miles,  et al IPM workshops for growers – lessons for R, D and E in the northern region