Awards & Competitions 2021

Photographic Competition


The Society’s  Photographic Competition aims to encourage and recognise high standards of entomological photography. It is held in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting and Scientific Conference where the entries will be displayed and judged.

The Society will usually make available $200, $100 and $50 for First, Second and Third Prizes in the photographic section. Highly commended certificates will also be awarded where appropriate.

The judges retain the right not to award all prizes if entry numbers or standards are not sufficient.

Note: The annual Scientific Illustration Competition has been suspended for 2021 due to low numbers of entries in recent years. The move to electronic-only publication of Myrmecia also means that a photographic image can now be used for the front cover and the editors of Austral Entomology and Myrmecia  will each select an entry in the photographic competition for the covers of the two publications

Who’s eligible

The competition is open to members of the Society who are not employed or contracted as professional photographers for fee or reward.

How to enter

  • The annual photographic competition, held as part of the Australian Entomological Society Conference is now open! Entries are welcome from all attending members of the AES, SASB and IUSSI so please send your most stunning entomological photos in to be considered for prizes.
  • As all photos will be viewed online this year, it is important that your submissions are as follows:
  • File size of less than 5MB
  • Image size of 1024 X 760 is ideal for viewing on screen.
  • Portrait or landscape orientation is fine.
  • Try and keep your resolution high (72ppi is good for screens)
  • Keep in mind that major variations from these specifications may mean difficulties in showing and viewing your photos – which will decrease your chances of them being seen and voted for!
  • Entries are to be emailed to with the file name ‘AES photo comp Your_Name_membership’. So, for example, my submission would be named ‘AES photo comp Alana_Delaine_SASB’. If you’re a member of more than one society, please choose the one that you’d like your entry to be representative of.
  • PLEASE NOTE: As this is an online-only event, by submitting an entry you are agreeing to your photo and name being displayed during the conference through all streamed and media outlets as deemed appropriate by the conference organisers. This allows members and attendees to view your work and vote.
  • Get clicking and good luck!!

Entries must be in the hands of the Society by 29 November 2021.

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