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Call for Abstracts


Please note that symposium and abstracts are not restricted to just the conference theme.

Abstracts are required for all presentations, including posters

Deadline for submission of abstract: 01 September 2019
(Notification of acceptance of abstracts will be 21 October 2019)


The Abstract should comprise three paragraphs (Title; Authors; and Abstract), laid out as in the following example. Please follow the guidelines below. For oral presentation please underline the presenting author.


The title of your Abstract (14 pt Times New Roman, lower case)

Author, F. (1), S. Author (2) & Y. Author (3)

(1) Orange Agricultural Institute, Forest Road, Orange, NSW 2800; (2) Charles Sturt University, Leeds Parade, Orange, NSW 2800; (3) Agrisearch Services Pty Ltd, PO Box 972, Orange, NSW 2800.

(12 pt Times New Roman)

Abstract: Maximum 300 words (12 pt and justified)

Please italicise the Genus and species’ names, and also indicate the kind of organism by including an appropriate common name and/or higher taxon.